Name: Leeya
Type: opened my eyes to the word

I was at my wits end and felt I needed something more. I voulteer at my local church. My pastor had this red book with the words "Prayers" on it. I asked if I could read it. He said Yes. As I read this Prayer book a whole different world opened my heart. I wish had had this book when I started my spiritual journey. This book answered a lot of questions That I kept trying to get out of the churches and other books I read. This book helped me to grow closer to God and send my spiritual journey full speed. I thank you. Also I sent one to a friend of mine. She now goes to church faithfully, she coverted from Calothic to Christian. She no longer has to take blood pressure meds after one month of believeing and reading the prayers. I am so thankful this book was produced and made available to everyone.


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