Name: Jera

I broke my leg in Sept. 1908, the Doctor told me that it would take at least 8-9 months before I could actually bear weight on my leg, and not to worry about walking for another 3 months. I broke my Tibia and Fibula. and a metal rod had to be placed in my leg, just to heal the right way. I began to use the prayer soon after I were released from the hospital. In about 2 months I was up on crutches, 4 month walking with crutches, 5-6 months walking completely without support using the airwalk boot. Went back to school in Jan. 09. Because I prayed the healing prayers over my broken leg.
One of the preachers told me that I was moving too fast, and I told him, my body does not know it's, healed yet, but my mind sure does. So my bone heal so much faster, even my doctor was surprised!
Thank God for you, and Thank God for the awesome prayers in the Prayer Book! Those prayers really caused my healing,through the power of Jesus Christ!


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