Type: Women & Children

Hi just wanted to express how much I appreciate the ministry you all are doing- I work at a Domestic Violence Shelter and b/c of state funding we are not allowed to pray with the women or have Bible study- so the books have been a God sent- I listen to the women and when I noticed they begin to say things about how they believe in God or if they wonder if God is listening and not knowing if they are praying correctly- So I place a Prayer book on my desk and tell them if they like they can get it off the desk and keep it- Every women who was blessed by the books have come back and said Thank you so much- it is just what I needed and each time I see a transformation in each one of them. I will be placing another order soon and also sending a love offering/donation- I know God will provide for you all but I want to do my part as well- Again Thank you So Much!!!


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