Name: Greta Harris
Type: Prayer Book \"Seed\"

I was visiting a church member and I notice his grandson in the parking lot when I was leaving. I walked by with the grandson as he visited his grandfather. As we were leaving. The granson shared he was addicted to "Pot". I told him "Pot" was not my choice of sin but I was a sinner and had experience deliverance. I shared the importance of Prayer, fellowship, bible study and attending church. I went to my car and I gave him a prayer book someone had given me as a gift and I instructed him to pray the of deliverance from addiction. The same day, I was visiting a friend flower shop called Blessed Blossoms and I share my encounter with the young man. She gave me a Prayer Book and told me how I could order copies to give away in the future. When the box arrived, I took the box with me to Mission Storehouse (A free weekly food giveaway). I gave copies to volunteers and I offered a box to people picking up food. I also gave copies to two of my church missionaries/intercessors. Missionary Ray requested a copy for our Pastor (Bishop Cook), I told her I would giver her two (One for Bishop and First Lady Sheila Cook).

Back to the seed, I have a son name Brandon who was smoking pot regularly. As of today, he is 41 days free of smoking pot.

Next, I share copies with our Mission Core Team. Two members shared how the Prayer book have been a great blessing.

I am forwarding a donation today. May God continue to Bless your ministry.


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