Name: Sheila Piggee-Horigan
Type: Encouragement

I was visiting a friend and a elderly lady named Mother Rachel prayed for me because I had lost my job and my home of 8 years. i was feeling down and she gave me a book of Prayers. I was so excited about this book. As many prayer books thatI had encountered by far this one is phenominal. It is dedicated cover to cover to scripture based prayers that are powerful and highly anointed. I know that the people that dedicated their time to study and publish this book are blessed beyond measure. I have ordered and given all of mine away and ask those that order them to send a liberal donation to you. There is no amount of money that we have to give that is compared to the value of this priceless book. I use it to pray with others. One of the most awesome things that happend was when I was blessing someone with this book another person saw it and began to ask questions because I was exalting about my prayer I read for that day. I used your book to explain salvation to her. I think the time alone that you have given to the assurance of salvation in the beginning of the book is amazing. She accepted Jesus Christ. she was a Budist! How about that? I was obedient to read that morning one of your longest prayers and look what God did. Thank you for all that you do at Christian Word Ministries. I prayed the healing prayers with a sister going through the attack of cancer and she said it made her doctor's visit easier! I want enough books to put in all of our prayer rooms and Outreach. How can our church partner with you? Please contact me at gdsheart@hotmail.com
Rejoicing in Jesus

Your Sister in Chirst Jesus
Sheila of Lifeway Church, Rancho Cucamonga, California


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