Name: Angel
Type: Healing

I was under attack at my old home (which was brand new when I bought it in Texas). Something dark would attack me every night while I slept. I literally felt it touch me at night. I just wanted to die. I was going over three days without sleep. I fasted, prayed and everything; but nothing would worked. I received this prayer book as a gift from my pastor years ago in Montgomery, AL. As a last resort, I pulled the book out began to say the prayers out loud every night without fail, until I moved... and I was finally able to sleep.

I like this book, because when you go to the Lord, you have to know what He has said about your situation and include it in your prayer... and this book does that for me.

I'll probably keep this book for the rest of my life and order it for the rest of my family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am alive today because of this book. It's a blessing to the world.

God bless,


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