Name: Missionary Morrow
Type: Anointed

I was given this book over 10 years ago and although I still have my original I have received and handed out many of these books. When I first started reading this book and reciting the prayers, I could not believe the anointing I felt through it. I could tell immediately that God had shown favor on the writer and I just wanted to share these with others, in hopes that they would be blessed. I would just hand it out anytime I felt led. I love how all the prayers are scripture based and it not only helps with prayer, but also remembering God's promises to His children! I thank you for letting God continue to lead you and I pray that God's anointing and strength continue to be with you. I also thank you that these are free, this has helped me to be able to send them to prisons, hospitals, missions, nursing homes, and even schools! Although I have donated many times, I will never be able to repay you for the blessings.

God Bless You and Continue in His Greatness...

Missionary LaTonya Morrow


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