Name: Lucas Leach
Type: Healing/deliverance

I am a Marine Corps veteran that served in Iraq twice. I came back with bad PTSD. After 9 years I hit rock bottom. I saught help through the VA to get inpatient treatment, but they denied me. I WOULD have committed suicide if I wasn't a Christian. After this I decided to truly seek the Lord. After two weeks of reading my Bible and praying all throughout the day, God completely delivered me of ALL symptoms of PTSD. I was able to get off of all my medication without any withdrawals in only one day.

Since this happened, I quit my job and have decided to work for the Lord. My wife and I are now foster parents and and go on missions trips. God also told me to write a book, how to write it, and what to put in it (I am NOT a writer). It is called The Guide to Life: An Inspiration from the Bible. It was just published now for the world to see. God told me it would be a best seller and I know it will be. Here is the link: http://amzn.to/2chUi9K. It is about how Christians should live their life according to the Bible.

I wanted to share the story of what God did for me and my family. Please share with the world and for veterans, because so many of them commit suicide (over 20 per day) without knowing they can be healed by Jesus. It is an epidemic that has been sweeping through the United States. A friend of mine that I served with had PTSD and killed two people before taking his own life (http://www.militarytimes.com/story/military/archives/2013/12/04/in-depth-questions-linger-about-blame-for-ocs-murder-suicide/78544176/).

My story has to get out there so veterans stop killing themselves!

Thank you for listening.


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