Name: Cathy Valentine
Type: Intercessory prayer

I ordered your prayer book many years ago I also ordered 10 more so others could enjoy this great blessing. My grandchildren are now prayer intercessors on a daily prayer line. I gave them the book and asked them to prayer for someone from the prayer book now they know how to pray and pray according to the word of God. This book has been a great tool for my family and friends many were afraid to pray on the prayer line they now delight in praying for others. Thank you for being obedient and carry out the vision and thank God for the wisdom to get it done. It is one of the best gifts you can give to a friend or loved one.
The children have been using the book and on the prayer line for almost 4 years Makayla is 8, Jevon 10, Kaylyn 12 and Nate is 14 years old and mighty prayer warriors.

Again God Bless you and Thank you!


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