Name: Tammy Stephens
Type: Ministry

This book and the teaching have helped me in my walk with the almighty God everyday. I travel quiet a bit because of my career, I always carry my book of prayers. This book is always with me in my time of need. The holy spirit spoke to me one day to give my book to the housekeeper that was cleaning my room, I tried to ignore the voice, but he spoke louder to my heart and told me to let go of my safety net( the book of prayers) and give it to the young lady. Once I gave the book to her she opened up a really emotional private concern to me and that's when I knew God wanted me to minister to her with that book, I am now going to spread this book to anyone I feel needs it. People need to know how to pry and that someone loves them and that God is always providing comfort to them. God Bless and thanks for being in business all these years

Tammy Stephens


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