Name: Estela
Type: protection led by the Holy Spirit

Last night (09/18/15) after reading the word I felt that something was missing like I needed something more. So reached for this prayer book that someone loaned me but had been on my shelf for almost a year. I as intending to pray for my children but was led instead to the prayer for protection. When I was done I didn't understand why I had read that when "I" was intent on praying a different prayer. About 12:30 am I got a call and I sort of understood why I had been led to pray the prayer for protection. About an hour later I got another call and I though "ah thats why"...about 3:30 am my son was at my door. Then I knew that while at first I was not certain why I had prayed a prayer of protection, my heavenly father knew and so had the Holy Spirit to lead me to this prayer. As parents we know that the safest place for our kids is home. hallelujah


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