Name: Kennenth and Maria Johnson
Type: God Cares

Me and my husband has really been bless since we have receive a prayerbook. God has helped our marriage in so many diffenent ways. And he is still blessing us. Me and my husband has been through so much these last 2 years of our marriage. But, we are a testimony because we are still togethor and we also have 3 childern that God has bless us with. And we want people to know that no matter how your problem may look. Always remember that God can do anything just always put your trust in him and he will make away. Those of you who are married do not give up on your marriage because God can heal you from anything just believe that he can. We would like to say everyone be bless in the Lord because he has all power. Thank you for this prayer book it is truely a blessin for me and my family.


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