Name: Lisa
Type: Hebrews 11:1

Sunday the 21st of October, my children and I were on vacation in Ramona, CA. We were evacuated along with 40,000 other people that night. After 2 hours we drove 1 block. My daughter was vomiting from the smoke, my son finally fell asleep. My daughter and I pulled out the prayer book and prayed the prayer for when things are flying around you. My daughter (age 9) announces that they need to open the remaining lanes. Within 2 minutes of the prayer being done the police opened up the lanes going the other direction for us to escape down into the canyon. Had we not stopped to pray we would have been too far forward to go. That's not even the best part. Our gas was below the red and on fumes, I had actually been trying to get peoples attention to see if they knew where the closest station was prior to prayer. We drove by an extremely busy station before the canyon. I told the Lord that I would stand on Hebrews 11:1 and have the faith that he would get my children and I to safety. These people needed gas worse than I do. I have my faith. The gas tank jumped to 1/4 tank. We went 40 miles on "empty" The Lord certainly took care of us. (Did I mention this day was the 1 year anniversary of my 3 1/2 year old dying.) God is amazing and is always showing us new paths, and new strengths.


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