Type: Marriage healing

I would like to to thank god for my salvation and foremost.i want to give thanks to Christian word ministries for being obedient in god and trusting him enough, for allowing him to use your ministries to help all the Christians that hunger and thirst for righteousness, I was introduced to your red prayer book as a beginner intercessor,when I was called into that specific ministry it has been an honor,your little red book as we like to call it in our womens ministry has blessed not only me but, the dozens of people god has intrusted me to pray for and over,this little red book has saved me in so many ways.My marriage was suffering from something I did.i ordered the prayer book,and it came just in time,me and my husband were arguing one day really bad,so one day I went to my room and cryed out to god and READ my little prayer book out loud for every marriage prayer you had in there.then a miracle happened. My husband came into the room and cryed with me and apologized for being a jerk, he went back to church with me and has a hunger for the lord again, ive waited for such a long time for him to come to Christ I have been saved for 17 yrs and we have been married 16 yrs. met him at my church so he was such a godly man we courted and did everything they way god designed it to be,he was away from the lord for 14 yrs, and my prayers did NOT turn back void, as god would say,so thank you for that powerful tool you have blessed us Christian intercessor and any other ministry I ordered more books to bless my sisters in Christ, may god continue blessing your ministry continuing to prosper your work and where ever you go you will find favor in jesus name!! amen.


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