Name: Min.S. Moss
Type: Praise Report

As of June 2, 2014 the Lord inspired me to begin a telephone conference call Prayer Line for Men and everyday since I've dialed in and hosted a 30 minute Open Prayer Line for prayer, scripture reading, overall life as it relates to men, "Christian Men". My lovely wife shared your Prayer Book with me to be a blessing to my newly committed endeavor and to my astounishment, "This Book is Off The Hook" a little humor there. Honestly, I've been so blessed by the content and the degree of prayer life groundwork if I may, that it's so refreshing to get up at 7am every morning and pray with 1 other brother for personal devotion and then at 7:30 open the prayer line to up to 1000 praying people all on an HD Quality phone line that never dips or drops a call. And I have been growing in knowledge of prayer everyday and taking other brothers with me down the same path. We are planning ON going to Home Depot and other locations where men congregate and encourage them to be a part of a new prayer experience as we pass out the Prayer Book from your ministry. We will never use these books for monatary gain, our reward comes from hearing Men PRAY! AND WATCHING THEY'RE LIVES CHANGE. WE GIVE GOD GLORY AND HONOR and thank HIM for this ministry may He keep us all in HIS care with prayer.

Minister Steven W. Moss, Detroit


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