Name: Marjorie Smith
Type: Healing me!

On Nov. 27, 2007, a testimony came to you from me. Since that time the Holy Spirit has been working in our lives. Since the stroke, through prayers and the ability to continue in Jesus, He has set me free to think, and be a spoke person with the Holy Spirit leading and guiding me to begin a new life in our Savior. He is moving me to a new level in Christ Jesus as I am in the fourth year of going to school to get a degree in Christian Theology without missing a scheduled Sunday Night at St. John Bible Institute. I feel life is just beginning all over for me to witness to my brothers and sisters about His marvelous work He has for us to do in the name of Jesus as given to us by our Father, God. I continue to know He is my protector, provider, refuge, fortress, my all and all for ever. Your organization, (Christian Word Ministries) is a blessing to keep God's Word going forth in the name of Jesus, our almighty Savior. I am sending a donation to you.
Thanks for this new beginning in Jesus.


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