Name: Tamekya
Type: I asked Jesus Christ into my heart!

I have asked our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to come into my heart today... I feel different...like a weight has been lifted off my heart. And all I can say is
Thank you... Thank you to the friend that shared your book Prayers with me.... I am so grateful that I finally read it... it was done so out of a great need I felt in side. You see my mother was murder almost 11 years ago and my father had a massive stroke on Jan 23, 2014 and is currently in the intensive care unit. The loss of my mom turned my heart away but yet I was still searching... my father's situation turned my heart back. I made me at a hared look at my life and I need answers. Reading this book I found my faith again and I pray for my father everyday… I believe that all things are possible through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ… I believe in his love and salvation.

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you… for writing this book. It has saved my soul.


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