Type: delivered from death and hell

It was October 2009 I received a call my Brother was being taken to hospital by squad. He wasn't talking just sitting unresponsive to us. I soon learned his blood pressure was extremely high he had bleeding on the brain and had suffered a stroke. At only 58 years old they weren't sure why. The doctor's said he needed brain surgery to protect his brain from further damage asap. There were multiple problems why they couldn't do surgery, active bleeding on the brain also couldn't get his blood pressure down to operate but every bit of time they had to wait his condition grew more critical. Took my red prayer book and went to war. He was put on a ventilator as his condition grew even worse. He was unresponsive so I stood my ground first coming against the enemy of his body and soul. I said the prayers out loud with authority. The bleeding miraculously stopped they said we must do surgery now they had to drain fluid and blood that was there off his brain. They had our DAD agree via a phone call that we were informed he could die in or due to surgery. I continued to stand my ground with all the prayers inserting his name as I also knew he would go to hell if he died. When he was able to speak days after surgery he said see that Smokey room I want to go in there. I said NO do not go in there. He spoke that then he said Ruth Hoskins is here I said our mother he said yes pointed to an empty corner of the room with his eyes shut. Our mother who was a Pastor and most Godley woman I ever have known had went home to JESUS her 1st LOVE 8 years prior. While all this was going on I was in constant warfare with my prayer book. I was fighting for both his life and soul. He told me months later demons were pulling him towards hell and when mother showed up he said he reached out to hug her she said NO I'm in my glorified body he said she spoke JESUS said you can't have this one and they fled. He not only avoided hell he lives and goes to prayer every morning at 6am he was in a nursing home for several years but LIVES on his own today. He learned to walk again after another stroke 30 days later after the first one I got my prayer book out again for him. Then a year ago he had internal bleeding again used the red prayer book I went to war for his life inserting his name. I have given these out all over passing along LIFE safety BLESSINGS deliverance from death hell and all the enemy attempts. This book saved his life it is a weapon against the enemy that defeats him. Today the common sense part of my brother's brain still needs a miracle but you would never know this.To GOD be all glory for the man with the vision of this red prayer book I pass them on and so can you. Hospitals church hotels anywhere people are hurting and need a supernatural change. So pass it on you may never know till Glory whose life you changed for all eternity. We keep our red prayer book handy at all times it is GODS Word ready to be used against the enemyarm yourself now be ready these are powerful prayers wow just use them you will see.


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