Name: Barbara
Type: Relative had cancer

My cousin in Nassau, Bahamas was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. Our family was praying for her along with friends. The Holy Spirit led me to send her my "Prayers" book. My friend's husband was at a men's meeting and they gave them out. He had extras so he gave me one. Not many people here in Queens, NY knew about the book. I love this book and it was part of my daily devotionals, so when I was led to send it to my cousin, I knew God would do something. The prayers which are powerful and strategic and loaded with scriptures! I know they strengthened her and are healing as she reads along with her Bible. They found no cancer and she was home. Recently she had to have surgery but is home again and reading the prayers in the book are strong medicine for her body, soul and spirit. Thank you. When I am able, I will buy myself another prayer book. I sorely miss it! Blessings to you and your ministry.


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