Name: Vermeille
Type: Finances

I lost my husband last year around this time. Financially things had gotten tough and I convinced myself that I could not afford to care for our children and tithe too. I was given this prayer book a few weeks ago and just stuck it in my purse. Last week I could not pay my rent. I prayed, fasted, and walked out on faith and paid my tithes. I prayed the prayer in this book, Praying God's word for the Tither, all last week and this week when I was able to tithe again. I have been financialy blessed with money I never saw coming this week. I was able to pay my rent, pay money I owed people, and more. I am forever grateful for God sending you to deliver these prayers. I have no doubt that my faith and praying God's word lined up things in Heaven for me and my family! God Bless You and I am praying for you.


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