Name: Bonnie Rhodes
Type: addiction

I had been afflicted, and had been tormented by the stronghold of major drug addiction for many years. I had lived as a prisoner inside my own mind for so many years, that no matter HOW many rehabs I attended or HOW long I stayed “dry”, the “stronghold” was always still there. I have heard the word “stronghold” for ages, but never really understood what one was, until recently God revealed it to me. A stronghold is formed when an individual has agreed with a “vain imagination” long enough, that the “vain imagination” then becomes “absolute truth” to the person. This is true even for people that are not even aware they have actually been agreeing with such. That’s when it becomes a stronghold. It starts to take deep root in our minds. Example: “I can’t get up without this, I can’t function without this, and I HAVE to have it to make it through the day, I’ll never be happy without this”, and the list goes on. The devil is a LIAR and there is NO truth in him!! He is a deceiver. He’ll have you thinking you are going north, when you are actually going south. He’ll have you thinking you are going east, when you are actually going west.
Well… I eventually sunk into a new level of low, even for me, and made a passionate and desperate plea to God in the privacy of my own room. I told Him that if I had to get THAT low, to get THAT much lower, then I was exiting stage left. I couldn’t take living that way any longer. I said, “There is NO rehab strong enough for me, there is NO rehab long enough, and I am NOT willing to go back. Right then, I took a giant leap of faith and cried out to the Lord and said with urgency, “If you say Your Word cannot lie, and that you died for these things years ago, then all I should have to do is tell You that I don’t want it, it should be gone in yesterday time! So guess what?! I DON’T WANT IT!!! And I lifted it up to Him in the spirit and ALLOWED Him take it. I knew at that very moment that the stronghold had been lifted off of me! What a liberating experience!! He lifted the “stronghold” off of my mind. He chattered the chains that had held me captive for so long!!! PRAISE THE LORD!! I AM FREE TODAY!! And you know what? I LOVE being free!!! That is what my SAVIOR, JESUS CHRIST did for me!! And He CAN and WILL do it for YOU if you will ALLOW him to…JESUS is the ONLY one strong enough!!


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