Name: McCall
Type: Refuge in Time of Trouble

I discovered The Book of Prayers a couple of years ago while visiting my parents. My mother has a small table that sits next to her recliner that she keeps her Bible and a few other Christian/Inspirational readings. The red book stuck out to me because I had never seen the book, out of all the times I've scanned the table. I picked it up and couldn't put it down. I saw a prayer for this and a prayer for that and how to pray, and even the names of the spirits that I'd never even thought of or heard of that hover in and around each of us every day. I began to pray all the prayers I could at that moment for me, my child, my parents, my siblings, nieces, co-workers and even for those who have hurt me (yes, there were prayers for my enemies and for forgiving my enemies too). After my mother saw I was really into the book she told me that I could borrow it, but I didn't want to take hers away so I went online and saw that we could download the books for free. That's when I really felt that God was all in this Book and in Christian Word Ministries. I am so thankful to The Lord for touching this ministry to put these prayers together for all to share. It has been like another Bible for me! It has served as an another accountable guide in helping me in seeking knowledge, growth in Christ, faith in praying and is a form of refuge in times of sorrow and trouble.


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