Name: Prophetess Renee Wynn
Type: Healing, Ministry, Financial increase

Praise God, my fellow brothers and sisters. I thank God for your previous red prayer book. I have read and prayed everyone of those prayers in that book. It was given to me from a previous neighbor about 3 or 4 years ago. Since I started praying these prayers I have seen a tremendous change in my health and my finances. When I felt like giving up I remembered and prayed those prayers from your prayer book and I decided to get my endurance back. I have been being strengthened to stand since then. Praise God.

Then about 7 months ago God opened a door for me start the ministry He birthed in me. Praise God!

I ordered and paid for 4 prayer books, because I want someone to blessed as I have been. I am just going to give them away when I go out to witness and do food & clothing giveaways to those less fortunate than I. The plan is to try to order at least 4 a month. I want to order more I am believing God for about a hundred to give in a park in the next couple of months, when I have the first food and clothing ministry. Please pray for our ministry New Generation of Praise Ministries.

If you like I would want to invite you to join us on our Life of Praise Teleconference Monday - Thursday & Saturday at 12 noon PST, Wednesday and Fridays at 5pm PST, and Fridays and Sundays at 1pm PST at 559 726-1300 code 370222.

Also could you please mail me the two free copies of the version 12 prayer book. I did not see a request form?

Prophetess Renee Wynn (New Generation of Praise Ministries)
44526 15th St. East #3
Lancaster, CA 93535
(888) 901-5422

God bless you all and may His favor continually rest upon you all.


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