Name: Valyndra Owens
Type: Spiritual Warfare

Praise God! I declare, I'm still not sure who, what, when, where, or how I got your prayer book. It is almost like it appeared one day. I began to study it about three years ago and laid it down. We have moved three times since then and I came across this book about two weeks ago. I took it to Wednesday morning prayer last week and went into spiritual warfare using it. I prayed the prayers just as it is writtenin the book. God knows I'm telling the truth, ALL the people in my church, even the teens and small children, one by one, came to the mic and repented of all sins. They held nothing back. They repented of EVERYTHING by name! Praise God for the yoke destroying anointing ushered in by the word of prayer and the prayers of this book. Thank God for the authors.


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