Name: Elder C. Randolph Sr.
Type: Confirmation

Last week our church was having it's VBS ( Vacation Bible School)during that week I picked her up at her home along with her granddaughters. During our travel to the church she mentioned a prayer book she had for awhile that she wanted be see. Because it's been a blessing to her. I said of course I"ll take a look at it.
So that evening I took them back home. So when we arrived at her house she asked one of her granddaughters to run in quickly into the house to get the Prayer Book she spoke of earlier.
The next day I looked through and I was deeply moved by the some of the prayers I needed in my life. But here is the kicker. Saturday morning my wife and I went breakfast at a local buffet and to my surprise I saw a sister coming out of the resturant with a friend of hers that red prayer book in her purse. I said to my wife that's the same book sister gave me yesterday to take a look at. I said within myself this is a confirmation for me to order this book.
Now here I am mailing out a request for two free prayer books for my wife and I.
You may see some more orders from my church coming your way.

May Yahweh continue to bless you and your work In Yeshua's name. Peace unto you


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