Name: Shellie
Type: An answer to prayer

An answer to prayer
I just wanted to thank the Lord for your ministry (Prayer Book) and providing such powerful and meaningful prayers to a needy world. The Spirit of the Lord is truly felt in His Word and is so powerful.
Your prayer book has been a blessing and an answer to a prayer… Recently, in prayer I had asked the Lord to help me with my prayers; that I felt that something was lacking. That night He gave me a dream:
In the dream was a very angry woman and at her feet was a large pile of tangled black ribbon and small pieces of paper w/ words on them strewn about and an empty wooden spool. She had been winding/binding ill spoken words and evil intent around that spool and it had been broken and undone… The words from Matthew 16 and 18 flooded my mind. When I awoke I began searching for more information on binding and loosing prayers. That search led me directly to your mobile prayers book which then in turn led me to this website. Your prayer book has enriched and informed me of so much and has been such a blessing! I want to thank you for obeying and following God's will in your ministry and I thank the Lord for being so good and answering prayers just as He promised!


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