Name: Loretta Seals
Type: Deliverance

I would just like to say that there is nothing like the power of prayer next to the Word of God. Often times we want to leave God out of those what we call little issues in our life but Prov.3:6 In ALL thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path. One of my co-workers was having trouble sleeping so I gave her the prayer book with the page marker for the sleeping prayer and the next day she was so excited about how well she slept that night. That same day another one of my co-workers was saying how he was having problems sleeping so I suggested that he read the Word that's usually a good for sure to fall asleep!He laughed and shrugged a bit. I shared with him the testimony of our other co-worker and said i would let him use the book and he said ok. He came to work the next day so excited and couldn't wait to tell me how well he slept that night and my statement was God's Word shall NOT return void but it shall accomplish what he sent it forth to do! He also made the statement of how much easier the prayer book was to understand as oppose to trying to understand the Bible. so safe to say behind all that I had to order 25 Prayer Books upon request of my co-workers. Keep Fighting the Good Fight of Faith in Jesus Name!!!


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