Name: Pastor Yvie
Type: All My Prayers Answered

First I give thanks and glory to GOD our FATHER for this little red Book of Prayers and to Christian Word Ministries for allowing HIM to use you as an instrument to help us communicate and get closer to GOD, CHRIST JESUS, and the HOLY SPIRIT.

This little book was given to me as a gift and I treasure it as much as I treasure the HOLY BIBLE. Sometimes life hits so hard that it's difficult to think of the words to pray. That's when I go to my Bible and Book of Prayers. Before I'm finished reading and praying the peace and assurance of our HEAVENLY FATHER floods my soul and I am renewed with strength to go on or I have received directions. In short, VICTORY IS MANIFESTED immediately or shortly thereafter. This book has helped change my prayer life. I have given several copies to my sisters and brothers in CHRIST, including my pastor.

Again, I thank GOD for Christian Word Ministries. My prayers and support are always with you.


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