Name: LLM
Type: Marriage

This book was given to me by a very close family member when i first started having problems with my marriage. I will admit I started reading it, then slowly I began to focus more on what my spouse was doing and less on Prayer, we separated and I filed for a divorce. Recently, God began to remind me of His word and His promise. He pricked me and reminded me to still pray for my marriage. Now, I have the faith through praying, reading the Word of God, and surrounding myself with other positive, praying people that are standing in the gap and believe with me that it isn't over, until God says it's over. I'm no longer stressed, depressed, anxious or emotional. I will post my testimony when, not if, but when God restored my marriage. Thanks for allowing God to use you. Now I'm able to prayer the troubled marriage and restoration of marriage prayer with others. God bless you guys. To God be the Glory


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