Name: Darwin Walker
Type: Ministry Tool

In 2007 I facilitated a music service bringing together (at that time) musicians unlikley to worship in the same circle.
As a part of that project I also put together a night of prayer (what we use to call a SHUT IN) and invited a few prayer warrior ministers (preachers) from the city (Cincinnati) to take hourly lead. I wanted to give them something of substance for their labor but the mininstry had no money. A choir member suggested the Prayer Book (now referred to as the Red Book) my response was "Oh Ok, that's nice". Just a short while later (a few days) I learned personally how big of an understatement that was. Since then this book continues to bless me and enlarge my relationship and prayer life and I am constantly using it as a ministry tool to distribute to others. Thanks be to God for all of the writing staff and general staff at Christian Word Ministries


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